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At times you may be faced with certain financial hardships which are out of your control, such as a loss of a job, excessive medical bills due to loss of health insurance or divorce. With Attorney Sessler's extensive experience in bankruptcy law he will put your mind at ease and help develop a plan for the best debt resolution for you.

There are two options for a bankruptcy filing. The first is a Chapter 7 bankruptcy; this is intended for individuals who are unable to repay their debts. Chapter 7 generally "wipes" away most, if not all, debts with some exceptions (i.e. child support, student loans and IRS debts are examples of a nondischargable debt). In order to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy you must qualify. Attorney Sessler will determine if you qualify through what is called the "means test". The "means test" determines whether your income is low enough for you to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It is a formula designed to keep filers with higher income levels from filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The second option for bankruptcy is Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Individuals with higher income levels and who do not qualify for Chapter 7 relief through the "means test" may file for Chapter 13. This type of debt relief is a repayment of your debt through the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. We will help devise a repayment plan for approval by the U.S. Trustee of the court. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is intended for individuals who have the income to afford a combined monthly payment for the repayment of their debts. This option also allows for a filer to avoid foreclosure.

At Sessler Law we strive to make you feel comfortable during this difficult financial time and we guarantee confidentiality. Through our combined experience and knowledge, we can help you apply for a constitutional fresh start with dignity.

What we do:

  • Free initial consultation
  • Means test calculations
  • Prepare petition
  • Prepare reaffirmation agreement
  • Attend hearing

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